Student Feedback and Experience

At the end of the year, students will supply course feedback and a short explanation of their experience learning calligraphy.  To submit feedback, click here.

"Class was great! Really enjoyed learning more about both the history and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy."

"Fun and educational, one of the best HASS classes I've taken at MIT."

"I like the way the class was structured with lectures and practice time. I also liked the character adoption activity, the video project, and the final calligraphy project."

"One of the most unique and interesting classes I've ever taken, and probably will take, taught by a knowledgeable teacher who really goes in depth into both the process and background of the subject. Calligraphy class has been one of my most pleasant experiences at MIT, and the art is both creative and relaxing."

"This class is an amazing opportunity for students to learn about Chinese languange and culture, whether they had previous exposure to it or not. Classes like this allow us to learn from the past and maintain beautiful art forms that have been around for centuries. I highly recommend taking this class, for you will learn a skill that will last your lifetime and gain a whole new appreciation for Chinese culture." 

"Chinese Calligraphy provided an atmosphere of self reflection through artistic expression. Perspective into Chinese culture was given as one followed the development of the language from oracle bone pictographs to modern chinese scripts. When looking at calligraphy, I now see not only the meaning of the characters but their feeling derived from the style which they are written. Taking this class will help one see and appreciate small overlooked details and understand the need for balance at MIT and in life."

“Chinese calligraphy was one of my favorite classes in my four years at MIT. I can't think of another class quite like it, equal parts language, culture, and art. And I personally found a meditative aspect to those three hours each day: I had to slow down and calm down in order to focus intently on the act of writing. Besides the hands-on experience with this unique art form, I, as a Chinese-American student, left the class with a better understanding of, and greater appreciation for, my heritage. So I'm not surprised that interest in the class has exploded: I can't count how many friends I've recommended this class to, and I'm sure my classmates would all say the same.”