Guest Speaker Ms. Li Ren from Brockton High School

January 30, 2020

During this year’s Chinese Calligraphy course, we brought in a guest speaker to increase our students’ exposure to different experiences and perspectives in learning and writing calligraphy. 


Teacher Ren Li visited on January 17th from Brockton High School where she teaches Chinese, and she graciously shared her own story about learning calligraphy. She was especially helpful in sharing her experiences writing in the Yan Style and even guided our students to learn and practice Yan Style. Ms. Li has incorporated calligraphy in her high school Chinese classes to aid her students’ understanding of Chinese culture, and she answered many calligraphy related questions from our students while imparting her calligraphy expertise to our class. 


We greatly appreciated Ms. Li’s extensive calligraphy knowledge and guidance throughout her wonderful lecture, and as a token of gratitude, we wrote good fortunes on calligraphy scrolls for her.